Custom, on site metal roofing system

McElroy Metal is the manufacturer of the metal used in the Grid-lock roofing system. Click the button to see how each color looks installed on a virtual roof.

Gridiron owns a portable roofing machine, which allows us to fabricate panels on-site, according to exact measurements.


Midland, TX



Grid - lock Metal Roofing System

The panel is roll formed to provide a coverage width of 16" with 1" vertical snap-lock major ribs flanking on an attractive flat roof surface. The positive lock design of the major ribs detours water penetration at lap joint. The roof panels are fabricated on-site from 26 or 24 gauge grade 50 high-strength steel with a G-90 minimum galvalume coating that conforms to ASTM A-653.

  • Popular for low-slope and steep-slope applications.
  • Inert, safe materials that don't pose a health risk.
  • Non-combustibility can reduce the spread of fire.
  • Retains solar reflectance over time better than other roofing products.
  • Included on the US EPA's Energy Star Roof Products program.
  • Weight is one-third to one-eighth that of conventional shingles.
  • All fasteners are concealed.
  • Flashings and Ridge are also fabricated by Gridiron.
  • Panels can be fabricated with or without striations.